Hi, I'm Brendan Hufford and I'd be honored to work with you.
Thank you in advance for filling out this questionnaire. I'm so grateful you want to work with me.

Working with clients is my business, and something that I don't take lightly.

Because I receive many requests I must be very selective about the projects I take on. 

If you think I may be a great match for you and your business, then I’m excited to hear about it.
Let's Get Started
Are we truly a great match?

Choosing somebody to market your business is an important business and I want to make sure we're on the same page right away. As you know from your clients, aligning expectations is a big key to success.
I only work with my ideal clients.

I work with entrepreneurs who have already established their business and are looking to have a professional work with them on their marketing so they can focus on their craft.  So, when forced to choose, I choose veteran business owners where my work can make the biggest difference.
I strive to be myself at all times.

There is no substitute for being yourself.  I'm quirky. I curse sometimes when I am happy or excited.  I work as hard as humanly possible without wrecking my family life.  I am honest, passionate, and terrible at poker because I don't hold anything back. When you hire me, you get all of that.
I am an investment in your business.

I've worked successfully with enough clients to know what you need in your business. I've built and sold two businesses of my own and believe in the process that I use.  I know what it takes to make your business even more successful and I want to be  a big part of that success for you.
I don't haggle.

If you want a deal or a 20% discount "just because" then I'm probably not your guy.  I've found the mental energy it takes to try to haggle over the cost of my services takes away from my ability to help my clients.

So I don't do it.

My services run between $1,000 and $3,000 monthly.  If that's an investment you're willing to make to see a 5-10X ROI?
I work with you every step of the way.

Sometimes people outside your business are disengaged and difficult to work with.  And that sucks. I've been there, too.  That's why I'm 110% invested at all times. I want this process to be super smooth so you can focus on what matters most in your business: selling, teaching, publishing, etc.

I'll learn everything about your business and online profile so I can transform your presence and delight your future clients.

I have no assistant and it's me you're dealing with. Always.

Sound good? If so, then please share more details about your business using the rest of the form below.
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Who are your competitors or what other businesses offer something similar to what you do? How do you differ from them? *

How many people visit your website each month? *

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What type of work are you interested in hiring me for?

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What do you want this work to accomplish? *

The best way to show you're an ideal client of mine is to communicate clearly. Please go back and review your answers. 

This form isn't something you should rush through :)

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